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The Whyfore of my OneManAirshow

Heal thyself      The Science of Getting Rich

    I awoke one day and started talking to myself again but this time I listened to what I had to say..."Just Quit"... I heard myself say to myself...After all... I had been trying to save the world for years...I really don't need to do that anymore...I will just fly my model airplanes and tow around my cool "hanger on wheels" (you will see it soon)...My success is mathematical...If I tow around my hanger with my web address, "X" amount of people will learn to help others and buy my book...excerpts...Its simply mathematical...

The more I Play...The better the chances that the populace will be healed...

    I have decided to be the messenger rather than the healer...You have already learned from the previous page that Service dogs can help millions of people, it is up to the individual person to pursue this type of healing agent...

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This is my Extra 300 sporting the USA Dogs name

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Below is my Yak 54