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Web book is what I call my own works of writings...I write and publish real time to the web...my books are always editable...All are free...
    A web book must contain information that is unique...A web book must have a jpeg cover and an index if necessary...A webbook MUST be "Short"...Plez notice the quotes and apply as necessary...The use of tables, colors and pictures is recommended; even a short movie can get into your webbook depending on your own knowledge level...There is an idea for someone..."how to put a movie in your webbook"  A webbook must also contain contact information...


If you send your jpeg cover, a short description of your webbook and the link I will post it here.

send to MyWebBook@onemanairshow.org

My WebBooks are listed below... enjoy...


    The web book is your property and you have the option to re-edit at will...


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How to mitigate PTSD

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Service Dog