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52-1/4" wingspan, 30-3/4" long, 225 sq. in. wing area, 22 oz. flying weight. Everything you need is in the box. Requires some simple assembly before flight. Includes a 72 mHz 4-channel transmitter, 6-channel receiver, speed 400 brushed motor, motor controller, flight battery and charger. Flight battery is an 8-cell 9.6V 1000 mAh rechargeable NiMH pack and a 110V plug-in wall charger. For quick charging you battery at the field order (ETC2030). Digital camera takes up to 26 full color photos. The camera plugs into the receiver. Camera includes a CD with software and cables needed to download the photos to a computer. To take photo, rudder stick must be moved all the way to the side. Operator's manual for the camera included. The airplane can take off from smooth ground or be hand launched. Airplane is easy to fly and simple to land.

Yak 55
On-line Videos: Video 1 (18.1 MB)
Instruction Manuals: Manual 1 (418 KB)