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             PPP-1 The Book

            "Endless Journey"

         is completed...Buy Now





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the Perfect Paper Plane



Try This 3D Heading Maker


This is my own creation, a group of ants climb

on board the world's best paper airplane and

end up on a journey to beat all journeys.




eBook Farming

Cajun Cooking

Busy  Ol Mon Caj's recipes

Caj's Fortnight recipe

Special....From USA Dogs

Some real Funny ones in here


eBook Power

Inspirational Quotes


Old Barns by Bobo.................

Mt. Shasta   N. California

.....Computer Art by Bobo.....

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A flower for you


eBook Generating Machines

101  Romantic Ideas

Mr. Scrabfish and his Animals

My First Book...age 7

Funny how things turn out...


Transactions Explained


Home Security

Real Estate Secrets Exposed

Subscriber boost...internet profits


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How to Survive

Nuclear Attack


How to become a top salesperson


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Science of Getting Rich


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Timeless wisdom and a practical
  prosperity program from a forgotten
  1910 classic free!





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We have reached the point in time in our world when people have become so desperate for solutions to societal problems that the concepts presented in this book cannot be ignored.

Dr. Earl (Tom) Thomason