• Independent Private Military Contractor at Self-Employed
  • Owner at EGA Tactical, Inc. (Self-employed)
  • Deputy Sheriff - SRT at Siskiyou County Sheriff's Department
  • Adjunct Instructor at College Of the Siskiyou's
  • Corporal - Team Leader / Airborne Scuba Recon Marine at Company 'A'; 1st Recon. Bn.; USMC
  • Fresno City College
  • Fresno City College
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Security and Investigations

Dennis Ford’s Summary...I can not believe a deputy of this caliber broke down with just eye contact...My diagnosis is a case of military induced PTSD...Listen to the recording on my site.

I have spent most of my professional and military career in Special Operations. A part of my time in the Marine Corps was in the Recon teams, and I have over 13 years as a SWAT team member and firearms instructor for SWAT.

In my career in law enforcement I received the highest academy award known as the ‘Best All-Around Academy Student’ award. I have also received two (2) ‘Deputy of the Year’ awards.

In the Marine Corps I received my Airborne Wings; US Navy Scuba award; 2 x High Expert Rifle award (actually 3 times); Pistol Marksman award; crossed - trained in mortars and machine guns. I have received my Marine Corps Good Conduct Medal and my Overseas Deployment Ribbon. I also received a Meritorious Mast and Letter of Appreciation.

My current goal is to become involved in a Private Military Contractor company that can use my training and life experience. My desire is to use my training and experience on the War on Terrorism.

Dennis Ford’s Specialties:

Gang investigations; Interviewing and interrogations; Automatic weapons instructor; Teaching tactics involving active shooters or other tactical team situations; Instructor on Patrol Response to Terrorism; Train the Trainer certified. In addition our SRT members have been trained in, and experienced in, infiltrating marijuana grow operations being run by foreign drug cartels, conducting the raids, making arrests, and eradication of the marijuana.

Dennis Ford’s Experience

  • Independent Private Military Contractor


    (Security and Investigations industry)

    January 2010Present (1 year 1 month)

    I have taken my six (6) years of US Marine Corps / Recon Marine experience, and my 17+ years of law enforcement (of 13 years SWAT) experience, to utilize it in the private sector. I can provide security - static or mobile; training in law enforcement fields, automatic weapons training, basic firearms training, mountain combat tactics / raids to law enforcement agencies, etc.
    I have experience in training foreign law enforcement officers in Afghanistan.

  • Owner

    EGA Tactical, Inc. (Self-employed)

    (Self-Employed; Military industry)

    May 2009Present (1 year 9 months)

    We provide tactical gear, uniforms, boots, knives, body supplements, etc. to law enforcement, fire fighters, US military, Private Military Contractors, SWAT teams, etc.

    The First Responders are our First Responsibility.

  • Deputy Sheriff - SRT

    Siskiyou County Sheriff's Department

    (Law Enforcement industry)

    November 1994January 2010 (15 years 3 months)

    Current Assignment: Patrol Deputy; South County beat. I was also a department range master / firearms instructor; SRT'S Automatic Weapons Instructor; Gang Investigator (since 1996) / court certified Gang Expert; SRT member (since 1996).

    2005 - 2008: Detective / Marijuana Eradication Team (MET). I was apart of a team that investigated illegal marijuana grow operations in and out of Siskiyou County. The majority of our investigations involved foreign drug cartels on US soil.

    2000 - 2005: Patrol Deputy, HQ / North County beat.

    1998 - 2000: Detective / Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC). I investigated any alcoholic beverage related crimes and / or crimes which occurred in an ABC licensed establishment.

    1994 - 1998: Patrol Deputy, City of Dunsmuir. (Contract City)

  • Adjunct Instructor

    College Of the Siskiyou's

    (E-Learning industry)

    September 2008September 2009 (1 year 1 month)

    I was a part-time Reserve Police Academy & In-Service Law Enforcement Instructor. I teach Active Shooter Response; Gang Awareness; Firearms Training; Automatic Weapons training; Response To Crime In Progress; etc.

  • Corporal - Team Leader / Airborne Scuba Recon Marine

    Company 'A'; 1st Recon. Bn.; USMC

    (Military industry)

    November 1981November 1987 (6 years 1 month)

    1986 - 1987: Company ‘A’, 1st Recon. Bn., 1st Mar.Div., MOS: 8654 / Airborne - Scuba Recon Marine; 1st Recon. Bn.

    1986 - 1986: STA Platoon, 1/9. MOS: 0311 / Rifleman. In training for a Sniper position for 1 ˝ months, until my orders for 1st Recon. Bn. came through.

    1984 -1986: Company 'A', 1st. Bn./ 9th. Mar.Reg., 1st Mar.Div. MOS: 0311 / Rifleman. I was a squad leader and I also spent a short term as Platoon Sergeant for Weapons Platoon.

    1982 - 1984: 4th Force Recon. Co., Reno, NV. MOS: 0311 / 0321 / 8654 / Airborne – Scuba Recon Marine.

    1981 - 1982: Platoon 3110; MCRD, San Diego, CA

Dennis Ford’s Education

  • Fresno City College

    P.O.S.T. , Police Academy , 19891989

    I worked full-time while I placed myself through the Police Academy at night.
    I graduated with the top award for the academy: Best All-Around Academy student - voted on by the students and faculity.

    Activities and Societies:
  • Fresno City College

    None , Admin. Of Justice , 19821984

    I attended college in between trainings with the USMC.
    I have over 120+ college units.

    Activities and Societies:

Additional Information

Dennis Ford’s Websites:

Dennis Ford’s Interests:

Power lifting - fitness; firearms; teaching / instructing on Gang Awareness, firearms instruction, tactics, active shooter response (basic law enforcement / military training); self-learining; martial arts; camping / hiking; fishing; sports; target shooting; MOST of all - my family.

Dennis Ford’s Groups:

National Tactical Officers' Association
1st Recon Battalion Association

  •    Executive Protection Network
  •    Film TV Professionals
  •    RECON Network
  •    Firearms Instructors / Law Enforcement & Others
  •    Black Ice Security
  •    Firearms Instructors

Dennis Ford’s Honors:

2007 - Deputy Sheriff of the Year award; 2000 - Deputy Sheriff of the Year award; 1989 - Best All Around Academy Student

MILITARY: 1987 - Good Conduct Medal; 1986 - Meritorius Mast; Letter Of Apprecitation; 1985 - Overseas Deployment ribbon; 1984 - NCO Academy; J.E.S.T. certificate; Airborne Wings; 1983 - US Navy Scuba Diver award (Bubble);