I was an engineer on some of the largest computers built.. Flying was my refuge from the government run world I worked in as an outside vendor.. Bureaucrap I understand..

The day I bought my Cessna



!968 Cessna 150

Flying from the elevation of 6000 feet took some good training.. The air gets very thin, You need lots of runway and just hope this thing has enough power to climb out after you break through the ground affect...

Then 100 feet per minute climb looks beautiful..

You just hope it continues at that rate of climb till you reach about 9,500 to pass through Donner Pass...



When I bought my Cessna 150, it was located at the Truckee airport in California.. I had never flown from there in a Cessna 150 before.. I remember pushing in the power

 and it didn't move, then it slowly started to roll..

I did that four times before I took the runway..

I used most of the 6000 foot run way to gain the needed airspeed and then wondered if it was going to climb..  it did but wow..

I circled the field working to get some altitude then I turned to find interstate 80..

I could see I was not going to make the altitude needed to cross over Donner pass. I headed a bit south to pick up the edge of the mountains where I got the added lift to gain the much needed altitude.   We then hit a few snow showers but could see the interstate. I told my passenger to watch that highway as I maneuvered around the clouds. I wanted 2000 feet agl (above ground level), but never quite made it.

Once through the pass it's all down hill and a straight shot back to Sacramento, It was a very interesting day and I had my little airplane home... Safe and at Sea level..

I put over 400 hours on my little Cessna. Being an instructor I used it as a trainer.. and I could fly anytime..

.  Here is a picture of my baby...............




My Boat


The day I thought I might die

We were in my boat going to Pier 39 in San Francisco..

We had been running all day from near Sacramento..

We had just run through San Pablo bay and rounded Alcatraz Island, Heading straight out towards the Golden Gate Bridge. When we ran into very rough water..

 Waves were maybe 10 feet and about 25 feet apart..

My boat was 26 feet and did not fit between them. Water was coming over the bow..

There was a sight seeing helicopter over us and he was telling the passengers to watch as that boat was going to sink..

Not having time to think,

My best guess was to try and power out of the problem.. Using all the power this 350 OMC engine had,

I pulled up on the oncoming wave at a left angle seeing that the boat was going to power around, I continued to turn and run with the waves.. I adjusted my power to run at the same speed as the waves and slowly moved across San Francisco bay to reach the marinas to the east of Pier 39.. Now able to think about what I had just done.. Wow..

The helicopter waved and left seeing we were ok..





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