A Look About Mt. Shasta


Looking East at Mt. Shasta 14,162 feet..

Music - Angel by my side

Bobo, I find when I am 'OF' the world I can be caught up in the happenings of the world,

but when I am in the world I can hold my peace within myself..
Namaste Gae.



Looking North at Black Butte, about 6,000 feet...

Here is the wood from the old Barn,

My shadow out in front of me,

Enjoying the beauty of my surroundings this beautiful day..

I wish I was not alone..

But sometimes that's better.

but when I am in the world I can hold my peace within myself..



A winter day and Black Butte in the background..



Looking west at the Eddys, Almost 10,000 feet..

Here we are about two blocks East of town..

As we scan around this beautiful Valley that Mt. Shasta City lies in..

We see the above pictures depicting the surrounding

 Mt. Shasta, to the east..

then Black Butte to the north..

 and now the Eddys to the west..

From here we turn to the south

and there are the Gray Buttes and Castle Crags below...



Looking South at Castle Crags.. about 6,000 feet..

Sometimes called the Gray Buttes..


It starts with love and through love you can obtain peace..

I find peace doesn't come easy...

Sometimes humans frighten me with their actions particularly towards one another and in the name of religion.


I believe that all our desires are played out in the eternal moment as time is relative being a construct of the human mind. Learning to love is very important to me but even more important is having total peace in my heart because then I can only love.

My friend Gae







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