Perfect Paper Plane

The Book

"Endless Journey"

Read this True story of some very brave and adventurous Picnic Ants as they Journey the nation aboard the Worlds Best Paper airplane as they learn to Fly on their own...

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Table of Contents

Chapter one  

~The Beginning~

Chapter Two  

~Air Show Saturday ~

Chapter Three 

 ~The Opening Flight ~

Chapter Four

~Mid-night Travelers ~

Chapter Five

~The First Cross Country Flight ~

Chapter Six

 ~PPP-1 Live On National TV~

Chapter Seven

~Bobby on National Television~

Chapter eight

~Night Landing~

Chapter Nine

~The Morning After~

Chapter Ten

~The Sky Divers~

Chapter Eleven 


Chapter Twelve

~Balloon Buzzing~

Chapter Thirteen

~Bobby’s Distant Dad~

Chapter Fourteen




 to my


Hi, I'm Dave, Yup, one of the pilots in the story...Oh-Yeah, I'm the author also...I can attest to this story and swear on a stack of bibles that this is indeed a true Story...The Problem is that all this took place before my accident and Due to my head injury I don't quite remember the rest of the story...


Please help me out by using one of the forms to tell me what you think may have happened, or what is going to happen or even what you would like to see happen...I am hoping to regain some of my memory as to what exactly  happened and I'm hoping that your feedback and ideas will stimulate my memory or at least finish this book...



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I'd Like to ask all that come to this book to pass on this url so that as many kids as possible can follow along and perhaps spend some time this summer flying paper air planes, its SAFE & FUN

These pages will be added to frequently...Check back often and please send in your own "Chapter" You will be credited in the book...I started this book prior to my 400 foot fall to ground while flying...It has been 10 years since I /we Plummeted to Earth (my passenger was not so lucky) and I'd like to get this thing done...Its been a hard ten years  and this brain injury thing is a tough one to deal with...I have lost the Love for flying yet when I publish this book on the web I am able to relive tons of good memories...

Flying was


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